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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Grant Wood inspiration

My parents celebrated 40 year's of marriage this summer. Each year our entire family attends the Iowa State Fair together and each year we create a t-shirt for all the children to wear. This helps the adults keep track of the children. This year I designed a shirt to commemorate my parents 40th.

This past spring we took our children to the Des Moines Art Center, while there we were able to see the traveling art display by Grant Wood. The most famous painting we saw was the pieced titled American Gothic. My inspiration to create these t-shirts came from the American Gothic painting.

I sketched in my parents faces, then added some details that were unique to them. My mom collects snowman so I placed a snowman on her broach. Dad had a farming accident years ago and lost 2 fingers so I drew his hand on the pitch fork minus his two fingers. One of our favorite things to do when everyone is home visiting is to have a hot dog and marshmallow roast, on the pitch fork I drew two marshmallows and a hot dog. Dad has a special sun hat he wears during the summer so I sketched that on his head and in the background of the picture, is a drawing of the Big Yellow Slide the children love to go down at the Iowa State Fair.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! We love You!