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Monday, April 26, 2010

A Bustle of Silk Layered Pleats

After working on this dress I reworked the original bustle by creating a double bustle with 2 sets of ribbons and nylon rings.

This bride requested a modesty piece be created for the back of her dress. I used some of the fabric from a layer I removed from the front of the dress when hemming it. You might see a safety pin at the center of the lacing string. That is to help keep the string in the center when lacing up the back of the dress. Once the dress is laced then the pin can be removed and the ties are exactly even.

When creating this bustle I used a double french bustle method.

This picture shows the first set of bustle points tied.

This picture shows the second set of bustle points tied.

The finished bustle. Just beautiful and perfectly spaced.