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Friday, April 9, 2010

Home-made wrist corsages

It is the Annual Father Daughter Dance put on by Families First. Our girls look forward to this night each year. This year we made their corsages. Our oldest daughter is allergic to many flowers and pollen. Finding a floral shop that makes artificial corsages can be a challenge.

To make the corsages we purchased wristlets from the local floral shop, visited our Hometown Variety store to purchase ribbon and flowers. Once home we began assembling. We cut ovals out of colored card-stock to hot glue the flowers and adornment to. Once the flower arrangement was glued into place we created a bow and glued the bow to the flowers then the entire corsage was glued to the wristlet. Once completed we added a bit of spray adhesive and some sparkle fairy dust.

Our youngest daughter's corsage. She helped pick out the flowers and laid them out.
I then helped her hot glue them into place.

Our older daughter made her corsage by herself. She only needed an extra set of hands to hold things in place while she glued or tied the ribbon.

Both girls are already planning for next year' corsages.

Total cost to purchase similar corsages from a local florist $15/corsage
Total cost of supplies $30 (enough materials to make 2 dozen corsages).